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Big Brother 14 Houseguests Revealed!

By  Justin Carreiro     5:46 PM    Labels:,,, 

With only one week left until Big Brother 14 premieres on CBS, rumours have been flying around the web about the house and this season's twist. Well don't fret users! CBS has announced today the lucky (and let's face it... the people we envy and would gladly take their houseguest spot in a second) 12 houseguests who will be competing this year. Pictures and further posts will follow in the coming days but until then, here are some tidbits about the newbies we'll get to meet this summer.

Joe Arvin, 41, Chef
Note: Tweets and articles around the internet have revealed that an original houseguest, "Mike" was selected to compete but opted out for unknown reasons - Joe is his alternate.

Frank Eudy, 28, Unemployed

Jenn Arroyo, 37, Musician   

Willie Hantz, 34, Tankerman 

Wil Heuser, 24, Marketing Consultant 

Ashley Iocco, 26, Owner of a Mobile Spray Tanning Company

Shane Meaney, 26, House Flipper

Kara Monaco, 29, Playboy Model

Danielle Murphree, 23, Nurse

Jodi Rollins, 42, Restaurant Server 

JoJo Spatafora, 26, Bartender 

Ian Terry, 21, Engineering Student

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