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Big Brother 14: Kara Is Evicted

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Big Brother 14 has only been active for a week and a half but let me tell you, things have reached a boiling point in the house. The houseguests have been fighting with each other and reportedly last night, someone has already been expelled. Until the next episode this Sunday, I won't write about their exit because (by doing the math) there are only nine players left in the game and something will most likely be revealed today or this week.

Since that piece of news has been yet to be revealed, it's still time to talk about the last person to (actually) be evicted from the Big Brother house. The second evicted player was Kara, the model from California.

Let's Meet Kara...

Kara is the 29 year old model and former Playboy Playmate of the Year who was mentored by season 10 winner Dan. She, along with Danielle and the recently evicted Jodi, were selected to compete on his team but on the first day, their team lost resulting in Jodi being evicted. Head of Household (HOH) Willie decided to nominate Kara and Frank for eviction because they were the two strongest players in their respective teams. When Shane didn't use the Power of Veto (POV) to save her, the house flip-flopped between evicting Kara or Frank. By a vote of 5-3, Kara was the second person evicted and first during the live eviction ceremony.

Why Did She Lose?

Kara is a nice and shy houseguest but Joe said it best (not said, more like shouted): Kara didn't fight. I don't know if the entire game overwhelmed her or she overplayed the "behind-the-scenes" strategy too much but she lost her voice. In hindsight: who was Kara?! In the early weeks of each season, most of the volatile and background houseguests are evicted because the houseguests find no reason to keep them around. This season is different with the Coaches' Twist and the players having started out strong to evict threats. Kara wasn't really a threat. She didn't campaign hard enough, didn't fight and didn't leave a lasting impression to create strong alliances
When Willie nominated her and Frank, she was upset about the decision and stood back to observe the game. She did try to talk Shane into using the POV on her and create some alliances but at that point, the decision was made, she once again stood back as Frank and Willie fought against each other to try and secure Frank's eviction

Alliances can make or break your game. If you have the numbers secured, you can have the power to evict any player who gets in your way. Though, if the tide turns and the game changes, a houseguest may quickly find their way out the front door. While Frank and Willie were fighting, Kara's place was uncertain. Frank came out strong and proclaimed that he wanted to evict Willie and the house favoured that idea more than keeping around a shy floater. Kara didn't have an alliance or was associated with Willie, but the Frank vs. Willie fight overshadowed any reason for her to stay.

How Could She Stay?

In situations like this where the house is split between two strong personalities (and one of them isn't really you), the best solution is to take charge and bring your voice out. Kara had settled into the background (possibly due to the "advice" from Dan) and didn't campaign hard enough to stay. She said it herself that she's not a big personality but when you're up for eviction, you need to reassure people that you have their back, want to work with them and take out the bigger threats. Kara needed to come out of her shell and if she did, things might have played out differently.

Kara walking out of the house after her eviction

Last Thoughts... 

Kara played the floater strategy too well and didn't really fight to stay in the game. She's a sweet person and I wish we got to know her better - same with Jodi the week before. The big question spreading around the fanbase and social media is now that three people are gone in less than two weeks (Jodi, Kara and the expelled houseguest), will either Kara or Jodi be brought back into the game? Most likely not for Jodi (which is a shame!) as she was released from sequester early on, but it's a strong possibility for Kara as she is currently IN sequester. Right now there are nine newbies which mean anyone evicted after this point will be a jury member - this is only possible if the coaches really do not enter the game

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  1. I really don’t see any other way that they can keep Big Brother on the air without bringing someone back. This is my first season watching it, thanks to a coworker at Dish for recommending it to me, and I love it. I do really hope that Kara comes back, even if she wasn’t a great player, she is at least fun to look at. I don’t get to watch the new episode live tonight, but my Hopper is going to record it with PrimeTime Anytime, so I can watch it in the morning. I can even watch it without having to go through the commercials, thanks to the Auto Hop. I’m completely sucked in to Big Brother, and I can’t wait for more big things to happen!