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Trailer Madness: Skyfall

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Back from an almost indefinite financial hiatus, MGM is ready to premiere the latest international adventure of 007. Set to mark the series' 23rd installment, James Bond is back for another tale of action, fights and saving the world one villain at a time. Currently, the latest movie is set for an October 26, 2012 release date and has been titled: Skyfall.

(Photo courtesy of MGM and 007)

Ever since I was a kid and watched GoldenEye for the first time (which also happened to be my first 007 film), I've been fascinated with the films. Gadgets, international destinations, action and one man going up against a nefarious villain have kept audiences (including myself) interested the adventures of 007 for over 50 years. Skyfall is the newest entry into the film series and will be Daniel Craig's third installment in the role. While the actual plot of the film has yet to be revealed, rumours have been circulating around the net of introductions of key Bond landmarks: introduction Q (Ben Whishaw), possibly also Moneypenny (as the role of  Eve played by Naomie Harris) and even Bond's gadgets.

I've never been able to watch a Bond film in theatres before - I was too young to watch without parental guidance from GoldenEye to Casino Royale. This year will mark the first time and I'm excited to check it out in theatres. MGM currently has released the first teaser trailer for the film which has been linked below for you all to enjoy.

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