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Movie Review: The Boy

By  Justin Carreiro     7:44 PM    Labels:,,,,, 

Oh 2016, it's a new year of movies and reviews. With plenty of sequels, blockbusters and guilty pleasure horror movies coming out, there's a lot to look forward to. And what better way to start off the year than with a quick horror movie review? The movie I will be reviewing today is the horror-thriller: The Boy.

The Premise: Set in the secluded forests of the U.K., Greta (Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny to escape a mysterious situation back home. What is supposed to be a quiet and easy role turns into a terrifying nightmares as the child she's supposed to look after is, in fact, a doll.

The Results: 2.5/5!
The Boy is an interesting addition to the "toy" genre of horror. As compared to a movie like Annabelle, The Boy is more focused on the interactions between the characters than supernatural jump scares. Lauren Cohan does a great job as the main lead and shows off her acting chops to carry the film. The downside, however, is that the flick is surprisingly content-lite for a horror film. The action and the real drama of the film doesn't appear until the last quarter of the story where, dare I say, is the most worthwhile part to watch. I've watched many horror movies throughout the years and even I was surprised I got the twist wrong (I was kicking myself for not even considering it). I enjoyed the film, but I feel like it was missing a large chunk of footage to really complete a horror gem.

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