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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Run To You

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The end is almost nigh for Carrie's life in Castlebury. It's Graduation Day and the Castlebury group of friends are saying goodbye to their old lives as they move to the next stage in life. No word yet on if The Carrie Diaries will return for a third season; it's ratings have been stable and it's started to grow in its timeslot but we're talking about The CW. Anything could happen come May! Here's hoping the show comes back for another year.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie receives devastating news as she starts her new life, Maggie suspects Pete is cheating, Mouse runs in to an old flame, and Larissa sets the wedding of the century.

High school is gone! Done! This means that the Castlebury setting is over and the characters will be heading to the city (or their respective places) more often come next season. Picking up from the last episode, Carrie has accepted the job at Interview over attending NYU in the fall. Tom is not happy with her decision; she's on her own from this point out and he wishes that she made the right choice. On her first day of work, Carrie is shocked to hear that Larissa has been fired from Interview due to an article she was in but there's more to the story: Carrie was let go as well! She is close friends to Larissa, somewhat like a protege, and the Publisher decided to cut them both in one big swoop.

Carrie's attempt at getting back into NYU is a failed cause; she turned down her acceptance and even if she made a cause to get back in, she wouldn't be able to go until the spring of next year. Sebastian, unsure of how to tell Carrie he's heading to California, is somewhat relieved to hear that she no longer has any commitments in New York. He invites her to join him in Malibu, enjoying the sun, sand and romantic times together until she has to come back - if she wants to come back. Even with advice yet again from Weaver, Carrie's still not sure what she really wants to do.

Samantha is not one for relationships; she hates all the complications and wants to keep things simple. Elliot - her open marriage bed buddy - pops back into her life and plans a surprise meeting, Samantha pushes the guy away and demands that he leaves. She's always had a soft spot for him and ends up hooking up with him yet again; much to the dismay of Samantha. This latest hook up is making her think about her future and leaving the city may be her only shot to get away from Elliot.

Maggie is in love with her army guy, Pete. She's excited that her new school is closer to Pete's army base and they'll get to spend more time together. Though, something's up. Pete's acting a bit mysterious and when Maggie looks into his jacket pocket for chapstick, she finds a girl's number in his pocket. Donna and Walt thinks he's cheating and after placing a call, the mysterious Jenny hangs-up the phone. Maggie is not one to keep things quiet; she confronts Pete at the laundromat and finds out he's not cheating - he has an engagement ring and he proposes to her! She accepts but I'm thinking she's rushing into this. I mean, she's 18 years old and just graduated from school. Rushing much?

Mouse is the new valedictorian...and so is her ex-boyfriend, West. The former flames have yet to reconcile and their interactions are annoyance at best. The valedictorian gift is a set of encyclopedias but unfortunately for them, there's only one set and they'll have to share. Neither is willing to compromise on the letters! After some sarcastic (and truthful) words from the janitor, the pair reconcile and hook up one last time on the floor of the high school. The encyclopedias will be donated to someone else and both will end on good terms as Mouse heads to Harvard and West moves to Princeton.

Larissa's wedding is the event of the year, taking place at a larger-than-life airport terminal. Bennett is officiating the ceremony and everyone is there to celebrate, including Tom. As Larissa speaks her vows to Harlan, Carrie begins to have second thoughts about her move to Malibu and leaving everyone behind on the East Coast. She tells Sebastian that she's no going with him and through a tearful confession, the pair say their final goodbyes, potentially forever.

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Carrie is ready to pick up the pieces of her crumbling life. Larissa lets Carrie sublet her place for $550 a month (the 80s were tough for renters, weren't they?) and Carrie makes peace with her father, promising to stand on her own two feet and go to school. The young Ms. Bradshaw makes one final call to someone to come over and the mysterious person is Samantha. The future Samantha has made peace with Elliot after he left his wife and now she's changing her tune to leave the city. Carrie asks Samantha if she wants to live together on the condition that Samantha doesn't take Carrie's underwear. (Apparently Samantha has done away with underwear altogether!) The pair are now roommates and Carrie starts her new life in the city waiting tables until the next chapter begins.

Is this the real ending of Sebastian and Carrie? Will she get back together with Weaver? Now that high school is over, which friends will start to disappear? Will The Carrie Diaries come back for a third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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