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'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Blood Moon

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Which witch is which?

Back for another week and suffice it to say: I'm hooked. I like the story of Sleepy Hollow and it's a good mix of unrealistic storylines with fun characters. I couldn't help but watch to if I still liked the show in the second week. (Sometimes the pilot can be the only impressive episode.)

This week on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod adjusts to the real world, an evil witch rises from the ashes, and someone from Abbie's past makes an appearance.

The Headless Horseman returned but a new foe has emerged as this week's new big bad. Serilda, an evil witch burned by the townsfolk of Sleepy Hollow, returns to reclaim her earthly body. To complete her mission, the evil mirror demon resurrects Officer Andy (John Cho) - broken neck and all - to find the descendants of the man that prosecuted and condemned Serilda to death. By the time that Serilda has murdered one man and stolen the ashes of another, Ichabod and Abbie have followed her to her burial place beneath the city with hidden tunnels leftover from the war. She returns for a brief second before being set on fire with remnants of abandoned gun powder left. How convenient!

The loved ones came out in full force this episode; possibly to give Ichabod and Abbie more connections than just to each other? Katrina, Ichabod's departed love, foreshadows the four horseman rising and warns of the impending apocalypse while still being absolutely vague. Before Serilda bites the dust (quite literally), she confirms that Katrina is trapped in a world between worlds and Ichabod now has renewed hope to be reunited with his lady love. We also are introduced to two people from Abbie's past: her former boyfriend and fellow cop Luke and her sister Jenny. Luke may cause a little romantic trouble for Abbie but it seems that Jenny may play a bigger part of this Sleepy Hollow mystery than she realizes.

Ichabod adjusting to the real world may be some of the funnier bits. The post-it notes explaining how to perform simple tasks, discovering donut holes and being outraged over the tax: priceless moments. I'd like to see more opportunities for Ichabod to be surprised and shocked - he seems to too well-adjusted for someone more than 250 years old.

Will Katrina be freed from her world? Is Jenny the next target? What's the next modern item Ichabod discovers? Share your comments below about this week's episode.

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