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'The Following' Recap: Chapter Two

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Is it weird to feel accomplished that I'm starting to recap another show?

It's only because I wanted to take it slow after starting with The Carrie Diaries last week. Now I think I could possibly handle more than one show on my own and I want to try another midseason show. The Following is a new thriller drama on FOX that follows an FBI team try to stop a serial killer and his obsessed followers. The pilot episode did pretty well and I enjoyed the shocking moments enough to check out the second episode.

This week on The Following, the search is still on to find Joey and the FBI discovers that one of Joe's dedicated followers is planning his addition to the horror story. Plus, some backstory is revealed about one of the kidnappers.

Pilots are a great way to introduce the main cast at first. Though, they're also great to rework and write out characters that underperform once the pilot has been ordered to series. FBI agent Jennifer Mason (Jeananne Goossen) was the only real casualty of this; her character was dropped from the case for allowing Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) to break three of Joe Carroll's (James Purefoy) fingers during interrogation. Joining the case as series regular is FBI specialist Debra Parker, who was asked to lead the team due to her experience on cults and cult behaviour.

Picking up from last week's episode, the team is dealing with the recent kidnapping of Claire's son, Joey. The truth is a little too unnerving when they discover that both Joey's nanny Denise and Sarah Fuller's neighbours, Will and Billy were secretly visiting Joe at the prison on a regular basis. A failed interrogation provided nothing in terms of information to locate the missing child but the group does uncover some details about  Denise - who's real name is Emma. They travel to her abandoned childhood home and quickly hell ensues: they break in illegally (though nobody on the team cares), Ryan gets attacked by someone in a mask (scary moment but hilarious!) and the group discovers a dead body in the attic. Alright... take a minute and process everything because that was a lot to take in. (3... 2... 1... let's move on)

'Nevermore' once again appears throughout the house and the team can't help but now admit that they're dealing with a cult. Not really shocked with that revelation - it was mostly expected based on the promos and concept of the show. The new piece of information discovered is that since Sarah was murdered in the last episode, Claire is the new target for the serial killer groupies.

Bumbling aspiring serial killer Jordy, who was the faux-cop from last week's episode, finished his first murder scenario by targeting three sorority girls. Chapter Two seemed to focus on Jordy's mission because he kept referencing that this was HIS chapter and everything would change based on what HE did. Once the FBI team realized that Claire was the next target, they rushed to protect her from the next killer groupie. However, Jordy was already hiding in the basement and he was able to sneak into her bedroom with a gun. (Really?! Nobody thought to search the basement?)

A stand-off ensues with Ryan trying to talk Jordy down. Suffice it say, the group saves Claire in time and peace is returned... for only two more minutes. Interesting to note is that Joe fully expected for Jordy to die in the confrontation but a wrench was thrown into the story: Jordy survived. Promos showed that he'll be interrogated in the next chapter. I wouldn't be surprised if one of Joe's followers tries to silence him before he can spill anything that could ruin the rest of the story.

The more interesting of the storylines this episode was the backstory of Denise/Emma and the tension between the three kidnappers. Turns out that Emma was an admirer of Joe Carroll and HE set her up with Will/Jacob years prior. Yep, Sarah's neighbours aren't really gay but were just faking the relationship while these two kidnappers were secretly dating. Also revealed in the backstory is that Emma killed her mother - she was the dead body in the attic. Plus, it's VERY clear that Emma and Billy/Paul do not get along at all!

Episode two started off well and it is definitely trying to keep the momentum from its pilot. There were a lot of great moments and I have this strange feeling that Debra or Mike will secretly be part of the groupies. It's still very early to guess how the show will pick up for the rest of the season, but I'm hoping that for the next few episodes there is more of a mystery than a cop drama.

Will the team stop the masked killer next episode? What do the groupies have in store for Joey? Anyone else think that Paul might secretly have a thing for Jacob? Post in the comments and share your thoughts of The Following.

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