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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Lie With Me

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Let's check out the 80s for today. 

I'm always open about writing new topics and the idea of doing more recaps has been on my to-do list for ages. Seriously... search back for my last episode recap: it was a SEASON 2 Glee episode! Even though I'm starting after its pilot episode, I felt like restarting this section with a piece about The Carrie Diaries. Partly due to the fact that I like The CW as a network (though, I choose to slightly ignore the loss of some cancelled shows - R.I.P) and also because I like to give midseason shows a chance to jump off the ground. Let's get right into the first new recap:

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie is dealing with the aftermath of juggling her tame Conneticut lifestyle with her new faux social-life in Manhattan. Also in the mix is the continuing battle for Sebastian between Carrie and Donna, Walt and Maggie struggle with their splintered relationship and Larissa makes a reappearance for Carrie's one-of-a-kind bag.

The fists are up and the claws are out. There always seems to be a love triangle present in teen dramas and it was plainly obvious that Carrie would be in the mix. Last week Carrie regained a slight lead over her nemesis Donna for the new bad boy Sebastian. Donna practically threw herself all over him but Carrie was the one who ended the episode strong. However, now that Carrie is sidelined with being grounded, Donna is trying everything she can to win Sebastian's heart (and everything else, it seems).

Carrie and Sebastian start off the episode with a coy "I-like-you-but-won't-admit-it-first" vibe, throwing back cute quips and practically shooting love arrows with their eyes. While the two are trying to make it work, Carrie's grounding has left her to blow off Sebastian and relegate him to attend the country club with his parents... and apparently with Donna's family following right behind. The resident mean girl isn't willing to throw in the towel just yet, she gives Sebastian a quick tour of the building before bringing him to her special spot: the bench where she lost her virginity. (Real classy, Donna!). He doesn't really take the bait but she's proving that she wants to fight for the popular boy; what with her casually flirting, fake excuses to fondle him while getting high and overtly pretending to be nice in public.

Mouse, who's real name is Jill, being the best-friend type that she is, spills the gossip to Carrie that she better watch her back before Donna swoops in. Her advice works because Carrie blows off her younger sister Dorrit and asks Sebastian for some quality... "swim time" together. While there is some swimming, Carrie Bradshaw (HBO-style) makes a comeback and makes-out with her guy like she's ready to win the game. Unfortunately for Carrie, daddy-dearest shows up and cuts the date short. He lays it on thick that while he trusts Carrie and agrees that she can go on dates.... she just can't date Sebastian!

Speaking of blowing off... Carrie's love life wasn't the only one that hit some trouble. Highschool sweethearts Maggie and Walt couldn't seem to agree and make things work anymore. When Maggie was trying to show Walt some love (I'm trying to keep this recap clean here, people), he pulled back and explained that he wanted to give her the romantic night that she deserved for their first time. By now, it's been established that Walt is secretly gay and Maggie is cheating on him with an older police officer.

Walt seeks out Carrie's advice and for whatever reason, he decides that he should get it over with and sleep with Maggie. While he waits outside her house for four hours, Maggie is secretly hooking up with her cop friend. Let's face it... she's looking for intimacy but she's not going to find it with this guy. When she finally arrives, Walt spills his guts and decides that he could never sleep with her because he didn't lover her in that way. He breaks up with her and wants to stay friends. It's a half truth that he can admit but now this storyline between is over and I couldn't be happier.

Oh, Larissa! You're becoming my favourite character on the show every minute. Carrie's storyline deviated from her Connecticut mess to focus on her internship woes in New York. Her stern boss (who is proving to be a little too cliché for my liking) ordered more tasks of Carrie at the accounting internship, but with a stroke of luck and several phone messages, Carrie travels to Brooklyn for an emergency INTERVIEW photoshoot. Larissa needs a favour and desperately needs Carrie's handbag! While the episode parted with Larissa still in possession of the bag and Carrie treading on thin ice at work, I would love for more Manhattan storylines. Maybe even Carrie moving her internship to Interview magazine? (I can only hope.)

Are you excited for Sebastian and Carrie's new romance? Will Walt ever admit his true  feelings? Do you love Larissa and want to see more of her? Shout out in the comments and let me know your thoughts on the episode.

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