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'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Read Before Use

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Relationships seem to be coming to a head on The Carrie Diaries.

It's week 3 of the new midseason show which means that starting next week, the ratings will definitely affect the show's chances of pick-up. The current demo is pretty average for The CW on a Monday night. However, it's not the best ratings-wise to stand a real fight against cancellation. Anything could happen in the next few weeks and May is a long time way but if you're a fan of the show (and in the U.S.), it might be time to get in gear.

This week on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie is taking a stand against her father when it comes to dating Sebastian. However, when she finds out that Sebastian is one of her father's clients, Carrie learns the REAL story about her new bad boy. Plus, Mouse's college boy-toy makes an appearance and Larissa takes the gang to an "opening" art party, as it were.

Heartache and heartbreak are the menu this episode and Carrie's father has drawn the line in the sand. Ignoring daddy-dearests' advice (honestly, what teenager ever listens to that order...), Carrie continues her new relationship with Sebastian, in the hopes that he'll be her first love. A shared interest in music and some cute moments between the pair are a little too sweet to handle at first, especially since this is Carrie Bradshaw after all. The couple look to really be trying to make it work. However, Carrie's father keeps putting a wrench in the plan and still refuses to let her see him.

Fortunately for Carrie, her father might have slipped and given away the most tempting news for any dater: Sebastian is one of his clients. Though he doesn't reveal anything, Carrie takes matters into her own hands and searches through his files to uncover the truth. It seems that Sebastian's experience comes from good learning, pretty good in fact since he had an affair with his TEACHER! (Experienced indeed). Carrie tries to ignore the facts but can't shake the thought of Sebastian playing TA with the teacher. She runs away and takes solace in her Manhattan adventure to clear her thoughts. (More details below!)

Even time to think wasn't enough to save this budding relationship. Meeting in their "special" place, Carrie comes clean and blurts everything to Sebastian. She may be fine with his past but it turns out that he wasn't ready for HER to know. He feels betrayed and breaks-up with her for not trusting him. I would hope that this will be her first step towards a more adventurous and opinionated future. Puppy dog moments and romantic songs are good at first but there definitely needs to be more shocking and romantic drama in this mix.

The Manhattan storyline needs to keep coming back more and more - it's the best part of The Carrie Diaries. This time around, Mouse is tagging along for the fun and joining the story in the big city. Larissa (you know, style editor and all around amazing character) invites Carrie to a brand new performance art exhibit; Carrie happens to invite Mouse and her college (ex)boyfriend Seth as well. What they thought would be an art show was, in actuality, a performance show where the artist - a retired porn star - would open her legs and "take back" her power. (In other words: she would flash the crowd if someone donated a coin)

The artist definitely took a liking to Carrie because she invited her to "take back" her power and sit on the chair doing her job. Obviously she wasn't ready do that so Carrie ran... which did not please Larissa at first. Larissa was about thisclose from dumping Carrie yet again (very mean girl of her, if I do say so), but things happened to work out yet again and she's still in Larissa's good graces. On the flip side, Seth missed Mouse while he was at school and admitted that he wanted to be her boyfriend.

Some of the other supporting characters had their own storylines this episode as well. Maggie is still reeling from her recent break-up with Walt and plans to rid her room of anything that reminds her of the relationship. She even takes out her frustration on a giant stuffed panda bear. Dorrit, Carrie's sister, longs for some companionship and she steals a small hamster from a pet store and names him Morrissey. Though she loses him at first, her father agrees to let her keep him. Speaking on her father, Tom (yes, I did remember his name) is back on the dating hunt and hits his first singles' bar. 

The problem I have with these smaller storylines is that nothing major really happened. Seriously, a storyline about a hamster? I would love in the following few episodes for things to start changing and these characters develop from innocent to more of a "not-so-after-school-special" variety. What this show is missing is drama.

Sad to see Carrie/Sebastian over before it began? How long will Mouse and Seth last? What will Larissa have in store for Carrie next week? Will these characters start fighting and lying already? Shout out in the comments and let me know your thoughts on the most recent episode.

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