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The CW Renews 'Riverdale' and 'The 100'

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Is this the best month ever?! I think it might be. The CW has recently announced two renewals for their current midseason shows. Riverdale, a dark interpretation based on the Archie Comics, and The 100, based on the novel of the same name, are coming back for another season.

This is incredible news! Not just because I am a fan (I currently cover Riverdale on TV Fanatic - check it out), but also because these are great shows. With these renewals, Riverdale will be back for a second season while The 100 will get a fifth season.

Riverdale and The 100 join a long list of other shows already renewed by The CW. However, iZombie, The Originals, Frequency and No Tomorrow are currently left up in the air. If I was a betting man and had to make a few guesses, I think it's going to come down between iZombie and The Originals. No Tomorrow and Frequency didn't have the same media attention as the other shows on the network. The other two are current staples on the network and have already produced plenty of episodes for syndication/Netflix/Hulu.

As much as I love both iZombie and The Originals, I think The Originals may edge out the former for a chance at renewal. I recently did a binge-watch of iZombie and it seems like it's gearing up for a final storyline with the zombie war. The Originals is similar to The Vampire Diaries, as in they could find a reason to keep it going for a while. On the other hand, it may be cheaper to produce iZombie instead. We're talking about The CW here, nobody knows what will happen until it's decided.

Are you excited about this latest round of renewal news? Share your thoughts below.

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