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Movie Review: Logan

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I've never been the biggest fan of the Wolverine movies. After the destruction of the first movie's timeline and the strange plot of the second movie, I didn't have high expectations for the third and final film in the series. In fact, I wasn't originally going to watch it. If it had not been out of sheer curiosity, who knows what would have happened. Though, based on my mini movie review today, I'm glad that I did. The movie I will be reviewing today is the last installment in the mutant superhero trilogy: Logan.

The Plot: Set in the near future, Logan (played by Hugh Jackman) is retired, a drunk, and works as a limo driver to make a living. After responding to a ride order, he encounters a mysterious woman with a small child, named Laura (played by Dafne Keen), who are being hunted by a military group. Logan teams up with familiar friends and new to protect Laura.

The Results: 5/5!
Logan is a dark and gritty action-filled thrill ride that will keep you hooked until the very end. The final part of the Wolverine trilogy makes up for the two lackluster films which proceeded it. Hugh Jackman brings emotional heart to this tired character we've seen for over a decade now, and this may be the first time an X-Men movie has reached a perfect mix of thoughtful drama and action. Dafne Keen does an amazing job of working alongside Jackman, especially with the few words she utters throughout the movie. The action is stunning, the pace is thought out, and the ending is emotionally gripping (there may have been some tears). However, if you're not one for bloody superhero fights and a grittier side to these X-Men characters, you may not initially enjoy the flick. 

I would recommend to check out Logan. It's the last film in the trilogy and the last one featuring some of the iconic actors (this is Patrick Stewart's and Hugh Jackman's last X-Men role). This a fun popcorn flick to see in theatres.

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