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Trailer Madness: Until Dawn

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Trailer Madness: Until Dawn

Survival-horror is my favourite video game genre. I love the atmosphere, the tension, the horror and the sense of urgency of someone (or something) chasing you. It keeps me at the edge of my seat! If a game can master this mix of horror just right, I consider it a success. For those of you familiar with this blog, I tend to cover and review many survival-horror video games. Resident Evil 6, The Evil Within and TellTale's The Walking Dead are perfect examples of this. For 2015, there is a new game I'm eagerly anticipating...and it's one for a console I don't own. This video game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Until Dawn is an upcoming survival-horror video game that is inspired by many teen slasher movies. The plot follows eight friends heading to a cabin in the snowy mountains for a weekend of drinks and fun. Unbeknownst to the clueless teenagers, a killer is stalking their every move. Similar to The Walking Dead, players will get to have the chance to make choices for how this horror movie plays out. Apparently there are hundreds of different actions and endings where each choice and movement of the eight teens ultimately affects who lives, who dies and how the movie will end. As a lover of horror movies and video games, I'm excited to say the least.

The video game is set for a release this Summer 2015. No doubt I'll be writing a blog post and a new review for you all once I get to play it. My brother has a PlayStation 4 and I've given him the heads-up. Until the warmer months arrive, you can check out a closer look of the game with the Until Dawn announcement trailer below.

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