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The CW Renews 'Jane The Virgin', 'Arrow', 'Flash' And Five More

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The CW Renews 'Jane The Virgin', 'Flash', 'Arrow', And Five More

Alright everyone...let's take a minute and brace ourselves for potentially the best entertainment news of the week! The 2015-2016 television season is going to be a big year for The CW with their incredible, and early, renewal news. Announced today at the Television Critics Association (TCAs), The CW is ready to bring back eight (yes, eight!) TV shows for another year. It might be January 11th but it's already feeling like Christmas to me.

As a TV buff and fan of The CW's programming, I'm excited to hear that many of my favourite TV shows are returning. Which of the lucky TV shows are coming back? Established hits like Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow will be returning for a Season 11, Season 7 and Season 4 respectively. Sophomore shows The Originals, Reign and The 100 will be getting their third seasons while freshman newbies Jane The Virgin and The Flash have scored a second season each.

It's not uncommon for The CW to dole out early group renewals, as the network did renew five TV shows last February. However, as the network only has 10 hours of programming to fill on their schedule per week, eight TV shows seems like a lot to hear in January no less. With Jane The Virgin and The 100 not pulling in the best ratings at the moment, and Reign and The Originals feeling the sophomore slump, I'm glad to hear that fans of the eight shows can breathe a sigh of relief - myself included. It's no guarantee that all will appear on the Fall Schedule; some may be relegated to midseason.

Speaking of the scripted midseason shows, no word yet on the current renewal status of Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast or the two new freshman shows, iZombie and The Messengers. A decision will most likely be revealed this May. Hart of Dixie is currently airing on Fridays but fans can be prepared for the premiere of iZombie on March 17th and The Messengers on April 10th. Beast is potentially set for sometime either April or May (nothing confirmed yet).

Are you excited for the return of your show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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