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Top 5 Gossip Girl Series Finale Requests

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Six seasons, more than 100 episodes and too many text blasts to count, Gossip Girl is calling it quits with its series finale tonight at 8 p.m. EST on MuchMusic and The CW. (Make sure to check your local listings)

Not surprisingly, I've followed the show since it's first episode way back when in 2007. The show was once called the "most buzzed-about show on television" and sparked controversy for its use of sex, drugs and the scandalous drama of the teen characters. I didn't find it TOO shocking but I loved the show and the drama that followed. 

Gossip Girl has faltered in the last few seasons with underdeveloped storylines and lackluster characters. With the end only a few short hours away, I have a few requests that I'm hoping will (and MUST) be in the finale.

1. Every storyline is finalized (and stays closed)
No more frenemy statuses, no more reemergence of dead enemies, no more flip-flopping choices - let the decisions be final. These characters have gone back and forth with being rivals, friends, lovers and everything in-between. Let the storylines end properly and have the characters stick to their decisions without changing their minds halfway through. Also, at the end of the episode, if the writers choose to include an "in-the-future" montage, I'm hoping that this won't contradict whatever choice they had previously resolved earlier in the episode.

2. Nate is treated like a main character
Nate (arguably) might have the most undervalued and pointless character development throughout the series. His role on the show can be described in less than five words: he dates... a lot! This season has shown him getting into trouble with his business while dating a high school student (that everyone apparently accepts as normal). Whatever happens in the final episode - love, being dumped, jail, cleared of charges or who knows - his send-off shouldn't be a small footnote in the two hour episode; he should be treated with a proper ending compared to the previous characters.

3. Chuck/Blair and Serena/Dan relationships need closure These on-again-off-again relationships tend to pop up at the most random moments with a break-up or a make-up on the horizon. Whether they end up together or decide to part ways is irrelevant, the closure is what counts. I don't want Chuck's "I'm not a man" excuse or Serena's "I'm moving to L.A." choice but a thoughtful resolution between the couples whether it will work out or not. Though, if one of them is killed off then the decision will be made for them...

4. Georgina gets the last laugh A part from Gossip Girl, Georgina has been my favourite villain all series. She's calculating, manipulative, hilarious, sarcastic and proud of it! If there was ever an episode where she could take the reigns and cause the most havoc to the Upper East Siders, this episode would be it.
5. The Gossip Girl reveal is a complete surprise (but not random) Who is Gossip Girl? We'll find out later tonight. However, the identity has been an ongoing mystery for six seasons, with Georgina and Serena temporarily borrowing the title last season. The person needs to be someone I believe would WANT to be Gossip Girl (and has the power/connections to do so). It shouldn't be a complete left field individual, like the doorman or a minor recurring character who casually pops-in, but someone who can put the pieces together and tie the series with a shocking final reveal.

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