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The X Factor USA: Top 8

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From eight performers, we're now down to six.

If anyone had asked me if these six contestants would be the ones this far in the game, I probably wouldn't have guessed right. A few... yes. Next week is the Pepsi Challenge where the viewers will vote which songs the contestants sing. Twitter (and it's awesome power of spoilers) has revealed which numbers were chosen and I'm quite impressed. With only three more episodes left in the season, I'm pretty much guessing next Wednesday will be ANOTHER double elimination, followed by single and then the final three.

Until then, here are my thoughts on this week's performers:

TEENS (Mentored by Britney Spears) 
Diamond White
Diamond being in the bottom two wasn't a big surprise. She's played the safe route and when she tried to do an "upbeat" song, it still had a balled overtone. Being in the bottom could get her sympathy from voters. However, with an expected double elimination next week, she'll need to fight harder to rise in the rankings.

Carly Rose Sonanclar
Carly is holding on to her first place position. Though, my only concern is that fans shouldn't take this as an "I-don't-need-to-vote-because-she's-safe" approach. That's how people get voted off.

YOUNG ADULTS (Mentored by Demi Lovato)
Paige Thomas
Paige had the lowest votes and she was sent home first last night. I'm surprised because this was her best number to date and she did rise on the leaderboard. Maybe the fans just gave up on her? Oh well, she's got bitter... oh, um.. bigger and better things to do. Thank you Freudian slips!

Cece Frey
Cece has made the Top 6 and the expression on the judges' faces said it all, especially Britney. I'm glad she stayed because I like Cece and I'd love to see what next week's number will be. Could she win the show? No. She most likely will be the next to go but I like that she's fighting to compete and prove people wrong.

OVER 25 (Mentored by L.A. Reid)
Vino Alan
Wow... it actually happened. Going into the elimination episode, I did not expect Vino to be in the bottom, let alone voted out. Vino didn't get voted out because Diamond performed better during the Sing-Off: this was the only chance to get rid of him. Vino had third place for three weeks in a row and now he fell to the bottom. Voting him off was a chance the judges couldn't resist to get one of their other acts to the finals. Smart move! Don't forget... the judges are playing their own game too.

Tate Stevens
Tate held onto his second place spot and is clawing his way back to the top. I'm liking Tate on the show but I'm finding him very... dull. I understand he loves his wife and he is the country music star this season. What more else is there?

GROUPS (Mentored by Simon Cowell)
Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony was trending on Twitter after Wednesday's episode. Sure, the other contestants have trended too but '#voteFifthHarmony' was different. Not shocking then is that they survived the vote. Popular song + social media push + touching pre-performance segment = safe week.

Emblem3 stole the third spot away from Vino... and the audience was loving it! The group is doing great on the show and they're appealing to the female vote. However, they say they play instruments and might perform with them during the next number. I would love to see that next week because it would differentiate them from the other boy-bands around the world. My guess is that they'll be in the top half next week and survive.

Were you shocked at who went home this week? Post in the comments below and let me know what you think will happen in the remaining weeks.

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