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Featured Designer: Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

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High Fashion is a completely different entity. Sometimes it can be the polished brand-name trends displayed in boutique windows around the world or those outrageous designs lining the runway. Taste is everything! Knowing what's on-trend and when to differentiate between the two is a skill not many celebrities have seemed to figure out quite yet. The next two designers that I'll be talking about today have transcended their acting days to become one of fashion's hottest young designers around. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twin sisters who have premiered several popular runway collections, as well as writing best-selling books. "The Row" and "Elizabeth and James" are their two current fashion lines which span into both male/female clothing (well, for E&J only) and accessories such as sunglasses and handbags. Currently, the girls have retired from acting to focus solely on their international fashion lines.

I've always known that Mary-Kate and Ashley were fashion designers but I never paid much attention to their lines. After doing some research between both, the men's line for Elizabeth and James could be something I'd check out in New York. The cost may be a little steep, though all fashion pays a price to have something different (not even touching something from Dsquared until I'm ready). The Row is more high-end, it would be perfect for parties or special events to look more polished and up-scale. If you're interested in looking at each line individually, head to The Row and Elizabeth and James (the lookbook site for E&J may be down).

The image below is from the 2011 collection from The Row:

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