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Trailer Madness: Silent Hill: Downpour

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In the video game universe, there are only a few fictional towns that are iconic by name alone. Raccoon City, Liberty City, Rapture and the forever terrifying Silent Hill to name a few. Set to be released in the next two weeks is the new installment in the survival horror series: Silent Hill: Downpour.

Honestly, this might surprise a few of you gamers: Silent Hill games scare me! I don't mean just general "something pops out and that's scary" type of game but this survival horror series has provided enough screams and jumps in my past. Compared to its main competitor, I do prefer Resident Evil games more so because they offer a complete package of gameplay and storyline. However, Silent Hill still tries to keep its roots in survival horror and the overall story makes the gamer think about its hidden meaning. I still haven't completed Silent Hill: Homecoming yet so I'm not quite sure if I will get this game but if I do, I'll wait for the first batch of reviews to determine the final outcome.

The current trailer is a little old as it was revealed during E3 2011. However, you can check out the trailer below to judge the game for yourself.


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