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Movie Review: Project X

By  Justin Carreiro     6:21 PM    Labels:,,, 
Ever heard of that epic house party? You know, the one that you weren't invited to yet it was the biggest thing to happen all year. No?! Well, it's probably because it's actually a movie. The latest mini review that I'm going to write is the teen party flick: Project X.

The Premise: Set through the eyes of a handheld video camera, two close friends plan to throw an impromtu birthday party for their best-friend Thomas (played by Thomas Mann). What started off as an idea for a small house party, the birthday event quickly transforms into the biggest party to the hit the suburbs in years. Furniture is destroyed, cars are set on fire, teenagers are getting drunk and the cops are called repeatedly to shut down the on-site chaos. This one party, always being documented with the handheld camera, will become "the party" of all parties to come.

The Results: 2.5/5!
Project X is a film that is driven by hype. Commercials aired nonstop promoting it as the "party of all parties" and an actual news event that happened in Southern California which we all missed. In actuality, it was just a simple teen movie with one basic plot: three teens throw a house party that gets out of control. What's good about the movie is that the characters take you deep into the party and you get a firsthand look behind-the-scenes (obviously a fictional party and set). I wish there was more substance to the movie but as the viewer, you had to accept everything that was presented. My recommendation would be to check out Project X at least once. You may like it the first time but it might not be a film someone could consider as repeat worthy.

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