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Movie Review: Monte Carlo

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Even though I had created three mini movie reviews for three films that I watched last week, I think that I could use the mini review method as a means to a solution. For new movies that I watch on the day/weekend of their release, I'll write a full length review documenting everything how I feel about the film. However, for "new" movies that I review that have already been released for more than a week or two, I'll either create a mini review or a full review. In this case, I'll be creating a mini review for the teen romantic-comedy: Monte Carlo!

The Premise: Grace (Selena Gomez) is a recent high school graduate who plans to raise enough money to travel to Paris with her older high school dropout best-friend Emma (Katie Cassidy). When her parents surprise her with the gift to travel to Paris, the only catch is that Grace's older stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester) also gets to travel with the two girls for a summer of fun as well. When the girls reach the city and experience a few rough bumps while exploring, the girls encounter a spoiled and rich British socialite Cordelia who looks identical to Grace in many ways. While masking as Cordelia, the girls experience the privileged life in Monte Carlo with parties, fashion and love while keeping up with the charade and pretenses of Cordelia's life.

The Results: 3/5!
My feelings towards Monte Carlo were mixed. While there were hilarious and heartwarming scenes in the film, my biggest problem was that it was somewhat devoid of depth. The plot may have focused on the girls traveling to Paris, masquerading as Cordelia in Monte Carlo and the girls' corresponding romances, nothing really resonated within me as to distinguishing it as unique. I hate this term with a passion but the one word/saying that can't escape my mind as a definition for this movie is a chick flick. Don't get me wrong, I liked the film and in no way is it terrible or a waste of time. Monte Carlo is one of those movies that focuses on the power of a friendship between girls and the magic of exploring the world while enjoying the beauty of international destinations and finding love when they least expect it. My perfect example would be if you liked "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movies and book series as this is a similar teen love/friendship piece. My recommendation is to watch or rent Monte Carlo because it's a good date movie to bring that special someone with for two hours and you may end up liking the movie. It's simple as to its plot and if you're looking for a feel good movie with some of today's biggest teen/young adult stars then this is the movie for you.

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