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Remakes or Reboots

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Originality is a creative tool that we all have treasured when experiencing a new genre piece. Our favourite shows have become landmarks for must-see TV and the innovative movies that explored new depths that have instantly became cult-classics. However, recently these industries have delved back into their vaults and established a new interpretation on past projects.

To clarify

A remake is taking a project's storyline and completely redoing the concept with few changes to make the new piece more adapt to the times.

A reboot is completely segmenting a storyline at an end point and beginning fresh with a new perspective; completely ignoring all the previous sequels as a new film legacy.


Don't get me wrong, I am ALWAYS very optimistic when watching a new remake and reboot. I loved the new Batman movies  and the new Nightmare on Elm Street horror movie remake, including other past remakes for other movies and television shows. Personally I prefer the act of spin-offs and sequels because it continues the timeline and storyline inside of completely retconned what happened beforehand.

Supposedly its rebooting the movie and not the tv series?

A recent reboot that might be coming into production is the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie reboot. If you had been following my twitter then you will probably know how shocked I am that this is happening. I am a huge fan of the television show and grew up with that Whedonverse to know that a new movie is coming out without ANY of the characters nor Joss Whedon is really a letdown. A friend of mine, Zaira, and I have had debates about the concept of new reboot processes for these genres. She is, however, in favor of the new Spiderman reboots while I am very mixed since these are very recent projects in our decade. 

Is it too soon for a reboot from this trilogy?

I will continue to be optimistic because sometimes these remakes and reboots can surprise and intrigue me about the past series/movie. It all depends on the person and how much they loved the original product and if they are willing to separate one artistic interpretation to another one. However, I will agree that somethings should not be redone because the originals are amazing. 

My advice is to look at it this way: for reboots, it's just a different time and a different form so one is on television and the other is just a movie. For remakes, it's just updating the same concept and it can't change the original. Get into the fun and see how it all turns out. Things can surprise you.

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  1. I've always hated remakes. Not many of them were ever good and Hollywood keeps sending them out. I would love to see an original idea for once.