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The Holiday Wish List

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The holidays are near and the shopping season has begun. Usually I'm really excited to begin finding the perfect gifts to give for friends, family, and buying my own Christmas gifts that are from my family. It's a weird tradition because my family should be buying them for me but I know what I like and would pick it out to see the smile on their face. However, this time I really don't even know what I want this year or have the urge to buy anything.

This current semester in school has been incredibly busy and hectic. The time I have spent trying to complete assignments, volunteer, work at Gap, and trying to secure an internship has worn me out. Last thing on my mind right now is what I want to spend my money on to put gifts under the tree for a month. This will shock a lot of people but I think I might save a lot of my money this year on gifts for myself and just save for my 10-year goal of apartment/condo.

I do like buying gifts for friends and family. I know I'm going to get something cooking-related for my mom because she is addicted to the Food Network, something cycling or sports for my dad, a video game for my brother, and a new noise toy for my dog. Friends will vary with the craziness of their requests  (I'm looking at you Emily!).

I will write a must-have list of what people should be looking out for this holiday season to buy for friends and family on this blog. For me at this moment, I can't really decide or think about what I want. Maybe when my semester finishes in less than a month and I have some decent time off then I will think about what I really want this holiday season.

The only thing that will be on my mind this December is that there will be shoppers at my store who will want to buy all the things they are looking for on sale before the holidays. Sales and promotions, long lines, a packed store and mall, and one of the busiest moments of the year. My wish right now is that December will be calm and smooth for the entire month.

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