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'America's Next Top Model' Cancelled By The CW

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The world is about to be "smize"-less with today's latest cancellation news. After 22 cycles on the air, America's Next Top Model is walking down the runway for the last time. The modeling competition, created by former supermodel Tyra Banks, is ending its longstanding run this year on The CW at the end of their current season. The gem that brought us "no neck", "booty tooch" and an endless array of GIFs is officially over.

Launched in 2003 on UPN, America's Next Top Model (also abbreviated as ANTM) found a home with fans and aspiring models during the early reality TV craze. Viewers connected with all the cattiness, drama and aspirations of competing to be in the modeling world. While ratings have fallen since its early days (the show now averages around a 0.3 rating), ANTM still launched the careers of many models and lasted on the air for an incredible 22 seasons.

ANTM will forever be known for its GIF-worthy scenes and iconic reality TV moments. Especially for this perfection that most remember:

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