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Movie Review: Trainwreck

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Not every romantic comedy is by the book. The plot, the hero, the setting - it can break the formula to do something different. Instead of the typical "man-meets-woman, man-dates-woman, drama ensues, man-loves-woman-forever" archetype, the formula can change things up to make viewers think about love in a new way. The latest movie to hit theatres in the rom-com genre comes from the dirty-minded, current queen of comedy Amy Schumer: Trainwreck.

The Premise: Amy (played by Amy Schumer) is a monogamous-hating men's magazine writer who lives life each day without being committed to one person. She drinks, gets stoned and sleeps with as many men as she wants. As part of a new assignment for her magazine, she interviews a prominent sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader). What starts as a one-night stand soon becomes a relationship for Amy as she enters into the world of monogamy and dating rules.

The Results: 3/5!
Trainwreck is a guilty pleasure comedy that features the fun quips and jokes that Amy Schumer does so well. She thrives in this style and gives viewers plenty of hilarious moments into the world of dating from her point of view. While the comedy aspect was there, Trainwreck did fall into its own self of cliche. Much of the film made fun of dating rules and the typical roles people played, yet the film still found itself following the same formulaic route. Amy still let herself fall in love with the rom-com world. Also, some of the jokes were cheesy and a bit overdone. Amy Schumer is a great talent and I wouldn't be surprised if Trainwreck is just her film to come.

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