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Big Brother 16: Cast First Impressions

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The twist is revealed, the house is a tree and this season's crop of houseguests are one week away from walking into the game. A year has gone by and after the debacle that was Big Brother 15, all eyes will be on this year's cast to see what is said when the game starts. The "Powers That Be" have carefully selected which players will be entering the game but even after our all pre-judgements and first impressions, we won't truly know these houseguests until they start playing.

I don't usually do a first impressions post. I constantly change my opinion and thoughts about the moves these players make and I've been disappointed a couple times in the past. Some get nasty, others stand out while the rest either become quiet or float by. Though, I'm open to looking back at our thoughts of these players before they shock us with their actions this summer.

Let's delve right into the first houseguest...

Amber Borzotra (26): Southern girl, seems like a socialite-type that would prefer the aspects of fame and enjoying the summer by the pool. I don't see any fight in her and I wouldn't be surprised if she auditioned to be on the show based on a whim. Does she really know the game? Probably not. I'd guess she'll either float by to jury or get an early boot from the "model eviction" curse that plagues every season.

Brittany Martinez (29): Brittany may have been scouted but I think she's hiding her competitive nature in these interviews. I keep getting a "diamond-in-the-rough" vibe from her and would be pleasantly happy if she turned out to be a real competitor. The only drawback is that I could see her getting too caught up in showmances, the drama or the emotions from being away from her kids. Possibly she'll make it far. Top 4 or finals?

Caleb Reynolds (26): A showmancer...and he's proud of it. People will like him at first based on his looks but he'll definitely have the target on his back as the season progresses. His partner will last longer than he does if doesn't win power - that's what happens when a strong guy and girl team up in an obvious duo. He seems cocky and that could rub people the wrong way; might be a little too arrogant and abrasiveness at first. Big Brother is a long game so it's really early to tell...

Christine Brecht (23): The superfan of the group and one of my favourites. I love houseguests who live, breathe and think about Big Brother because you want to cheer on those fans to win the game they love so much. She definitely stands out with the glasses, tattoos and nerdy nature which could work against her. She might be one of the early evictees if she can't connect with the others, but I'd hope for at least jury.

Cody Calafiore (23): Has he ever watched an episode of Big Brother? Like ANY Big Brother before being scouted for the show? He seems really laid-back, calm and to be a little honest...dull. His looks will help start a showmance if he's interested and he could be targeted for being a threat early on if men are being targeted. I want to be proven wrong with this, but I don't think Cody will do well at first unless he's pulled into a big alliance. For some reason I can't shake, I get the vibe he will float by, join a powerful alliance and get carried to good spot without really knowing how to play the game.

Derrick Levasseur (30): He's the cop who wants to lie about being a cop. Tony did it on Survivor but it didn't really change things. I don't understand why houseguests need to lie about their profession, it doesn't shock people at the beginning and people move on. Keeping things a secret will backfire on him. He seems to be an aggressive and smart player so he could make it far.

Devin Shepherd (26): Really strong guy with a daughter at home. He'll get the sympathy card and could win a few people with his nice attitude. Though, same like Howard last season, Devin looks really strong and tough with his muscles. Even if he's not great at challenges, he might always be perceived as a challenge threat and targeted early. I wouldn't be surprised if he got blindsided early on before jury.

Donny Thompson (42): Is Duck Dynasty doing a cross-over this season? He seems like a floater and wouldn't be open to shaking up the house. His favourite player was Spencer from last season so my expectations are low. Expect Donny to be carried for a few weeks as a pawn or evicted during a throwaway week.

Frankie Grande (31): Frankie may be the most debated houseguest this season based on fairness. He has a large social following and his sister is a famous popstar/actress. Those fan followings alone will impact the voting, similar to what happened last season for Big Brother 15 with the Brenchel army and Elissa. He seems to be here for the fame and the game - he could really pull things off and be a competitor. However, if people find out who his sister is, or if they're tired of his antics, he could get the boot pre-jury.

Hayden Voss (21): Chill surfer and someone who may make a lot of jokes in the house. As compared to David from last season, I think Hayden may be more knowledgeable about Big Brother. I don't foresee him to be the first evictee and I think he'll make it to jury. He's not a threat from a physicality perspective at first glance and could join a powerful alliance for numbers, but I think he might surprise a lot of people.

Jocasta Odom (33): Obvious floater. She doesn't seem like the type to actively play a strategic or physical game. I see her as the person who may stick around the house as the extra vote or could get an early boot. However, she could be the cause of drama when she's tired of playing the nice game. Either way, I don't expect Jocasta to win Big Brother.

Joey Van Pelt (27): Fun, loud and up for anything. Joey is a character and will offer some great TV moments. She wants an all-girl alliance and I would love to see that happen. Season 6 somewhat had that partway through the season - it worked but didn't work well. The problem Joey might have is that the houseguests who are different or who have strong personalities tend to get evicted early. She needs to develop those friendships very quickly!

Nicole Franzel (21): Very sweet girl and could slide right through to jury. She could surprise a lot of people and make a big move that shocks everyone. I like Nicole! She's the bright-eyed fan that is genuinely excited to be in the house and to play the game. I hope to see great things from her.

Paola Shea (27): Oh Paola...I really don't know what to say. She's definitely a character, but I sense she's a fame-seeker and here to build her DJ reputation. She could float by at first, trying to slide through. However, she will definitely cause a lot of drama and could be a pre-jury boot. I'm not expecting her to change the game - I suspect she'll try and fail.

Victoria Rafaeli (22): Another person who doesn't really know much about the game. She's familiar with Big Brother in another country, but that's a different type of Big Brother which focuses on public opinion. I think Victoria will assume the role of floater and try to slide by the early weeks. I would love if she attempted to play the game but my hopes are low right now.

Zach Rance (23): I can't even with Zach right now. I've watched a few videos of Zach and he will definitely get the title of "too-hard-too-fast" this season. Relationships are important in Big Brother and you can't win the game without making genuine alliances. His strategy will absolutely change once he's in the house and I will be curious to see how he actually plays the game. Zach will be an interesting person to watch early on - his game depends on it.

Agree or disagree with my early impression? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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