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Cancellation Debate: 'The Lying Game' And 'Bunheads'

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Can The Lying Game and Bunheads survive cancellation? That's the million dollar question we'll soon find out.

With little being said by ABC Family or any real news revealed since their season finales, fans of sophomore drama The Lying Game and freshman comedy Bunheads are still eagerly waiting for news on the future of their shows.

Rumours and reports circulated that ABC Family had been holding off on making a decision until they determined the success of their summer programming, which includes shows like The Fosters and Twisted. An unusual strategy for the network as it's left fans frustrated and the stars unsure of their future prospects.

Well the wait will soon be over. In an interview last month with Celebified, The Lying Game cast member Allie Gonino revealed that we all should be finding out the status of both bubble shows by July 15, 2013. That's only in four days!

New programs Twisted and The Fosters will play an important part in their renewal chances. The Fosters has surprisingly grown in its timeslot while Twisted has failed to take advantage of its Pretty Little Liars lead-in. While neither Bunheads or The Lying Game has impressed in the ratings, Bunheads has earned some critical acclaim and secured California production funding while The Lying Game has developed a loyal fan following and has produced more episodes; closer to any syndication deal that ABC Family might seek. 

The forecast is still mixed but is looking grim for some. Vulture reported that Bunheads' sets were already torn down, the social media accounts left inactive and the show left out of Emmy contention while other ABC Family shows, including The Lying Game, were submitted. The Lying Game, on the other hand, is still active on their online pages and cast contract considerations were offered but anything could happen in the next few days.

Between the two I would love to see The Lying Game come back for another season. The season two finale cliffhanger would be devastating to have the show end with too much up in the air. Unfortunately, we won't (hopefully) find out until July 15th.

Do you think The Lying Game or Bunheads will survive? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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