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Campus Life No More

By  Justin Carreiro     7:57 PM    Labels:,, 
Hey Bloggers,

I know it's been a while since my last post but I know that everyone has been busy with finals. I hope you've all aced your grades and can enjoy your summers with ease!

Campus life seems such a distant concept to me now. I've been on internship for the last four months and have not stepped foot there except for the one mandatory day we had to come back. Sad point is that with the end of my internship, it marks the last day of my semester and being in college. Graduation is coming up in June and you know I'll writing about that but till then, I'll promise to come back and write a bunch of new posts to interest you all. Have fun with your summers and make sure you have the best experiences of your lives.

About Justin Carreiro

Justin is a longtime TV buff and gamer. He loves chatting about shows, playing video and board games, and his not-so-secret love for reality tv. He is also a fan of horror movies, music and a bookworm at heart. He spends his time in Toronto working in PR and Social Media.

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