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Featured Designer: Dan and Dean Catan

By  Justin Carreiro     2:36 PM    Labels:,, 
The designer(s) that I want to feature this week are the twin style icons for the clothing line Dsquared2: Dan and Dean Catan.

I've been familiar with their work for about two years; it was right around the time when I became more interested in fashion and began learning about some designers. Their more stylistic-yet-professional outfits are the types of clothing that I would purchase myself. However, their price range is in no way near what I can afford...ever.

If I could afford (or find a decent outlet and vintage store that carries their line) then I would purchase maybe a top or ensemble. If you want to check out their collections and some of their outfits for men and women, visit their website by clicking the following link:

Check out a couple of the items below from their runway and photography ads that interested me. I really like the first, fourth and fifth look from the mash-up picture blow.

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