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Top 25 Favourite Musicians of 2010

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About a week or two ago, a work friend of mine and I had this discussion about our favourite music artists and groups that would be in our top five list. As we went along the list kept growing to who might be in the list but in later rankings. Below is the list of my Top 25 Musicians whose music made a lasting impression in my iPod or random moments of singing.

Note: Some of the rankings will have explanations while some will not, if an artist is featured in another artist's song on the list then the song may be referenced once,  and songs listed may not have been released in 2010; however, the songs did make a huge presence for my listening in 2010.

1. Lady Gaga
Songs: Bad Romance, Monster, Dance in the Dark, and Alejandro
Who else would be in the top spot for my favourite musician in 2010? Her music has captivated me all the way going back to "Just Dance" and every release since has been amazing. I can't wait to see what comes from her next album in the upcoming year.

2. Katy Perry
Songs: California Gurls, Teenage Dream, and Firework
Some of the music that has been released by Katy this year is different from her previous album. I will admit that California Gurls did get overplayed a bit too much but her latest song, Firework, has instantly become one of my favourite songs. 

3. Far East Movement
Songs: Like a G6 and Rocketeer
I hadn't expected much from this group because their first mainstream single has instantly become a smash hit and figured they would be a one hit wonder. After the release of Rocketeer, this group has really become a favourite of mine for their dance hits and interesting singles.

4. Black Eyed Peas
Songs: Meet Me Halfway, Rock That Body, and The Time (Dirty Bit)
I have been a huge BEP fan since elementary school. Now that they have started to take a drastic turn towards dance, techno and pop hits, they've quickly risen up the ranks. I've enjoyed their individual solo works and  their group albums. I can't wait to see what the group comes up with in the new year.

5. Metric
Songs: Help, I'm Alive, Eclipse, and Black Sheep
I've always known about Metric but I wasn't that big of a fan who listened to their music really well. After watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I found out that Envy sang a song from Metric in the film. I searched some songs up on YouTube and now I really love the band.

6. Adam Lambert
Songs: Whataya Want From Me and If I Had You

7.  David Guetta
Songs: Club Can't Handle Me, Commander, Gettin' Over You, and a variety of other songs

8. Down with Webster
Songs: Rich Girl$ and Your Man

9. Faber Drive
Songs: G-Get Up and Dance and Give Him Up

10. Dev
Songs: Like a G6 and Bass Down Low

11. Ke$ha
Songs: Your Love is My Drug, Take It Off, and We R Who We R

12. Kelly Rowland
Songs: Commander

13. Rihanna
Songs: Only Girl (In the World)

14. Little Boots
Songs: Hearts Collide and Remedy

Songs: Ice and Second Go

16. 3Oh!3
Songs: My First Kiss and Starstrukk

17. Britney Spears
Songs: 3

18. P!nk
Songs: Raise Your Glass, So What, and Funhouse

19. Nicki Minaj
Songs: Your Love and Check It Out

20. Mariana's Trench
Songs: Celebrity Status

21. Enrique Iglesias
Songs: I like it and Heartbeat

22. Nelly Furtado
Songs: Night is Young

23. Girlicious
Songs: Maniac and 2 in the Morning

24. Bruno Mars
Songs: Billionaire, Grenade, and Just The Way You Are

25. Miley Cyrus
Songs: Can't Be Tamed and Who Owns My Heart

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