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'The Originals' Recap: Crescent City

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Another death hits New Orleans and even I was shocked that the writers finally made the decision. One thing that The Vampire Diaries has done so well back in the earlier season (I'm choosing to ignore the deaths in recent seasons) is that death, even with supernatural beings, can be permanent. There's no going back and even with a little intervention (or ghost appearances), the character can't return. Will this be the case here? I'm not sure yet.

This week on The Originals, a sacrificed witch returns from the grave, Hayley welcomes back her werewolf family, Cami reaches out to Klaus for help, and someone from the main cast dies!

The Harvest worked but not in the way people expected; Celeste used the power instead to resurrect three fallen Elders while the four girls, including Davina, remain in limbo. That's no longer the case! Hidden in the Deveraux family crypt, Monique - Sophie's niece and Davina's best friend - awakens from her sleep and uses her powers to free herself. Monique is alive again, much to the surprise of Sophie, but Celeste seems particularly calm at seeing the returning witch.

Cami's uncle, Father Kieran, has planned to shed the tragedy of Cami's brother by reopening the church and bringing about some sense of calm to the city. While everyone comes to welcome the church back, Bastianna - the Elder who died at the Harvest - threatens Father Kieran due to his dealings with the vampires and hexes him, similar to the one placed on Cami's twin brother. Kieran warns Cami of his future demise and when all hope is lost, Genevieve - another of the returning Elders - offers her Papa Tunde's blade with an offer: plunge the blade into Klaus' chest and the hex will be removed from her uncle.

For a second I was convinced that she would do it; Cami has not been one to betray family. However, she offers up the blade to Klaus in the hopes of an alliance and the chance to protect Kieran. While most play to win, she's playing smart and wants to be on the winning side in this upcoming war.

Family means everything to Hayley and on only a full moon, her werewolf family will transform from their cursed state back into humans. With help from Rebekah, Hayley throws a party for their arrival and welcomes the family back into the fold. Among those is the tall and ridiculously good-looking Jackson, the werewolf who has been watching her all season. Both Jackson and Hayley's families were close - they came to an agreement with the hopes that Jackson and Hayley would get married in the future and unite the families.

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Elijah is the smartest child of the Mikaelsons. He seamlessly put together the mystery of Sabine's true identity of Celeste all on his own. As he confronts her about her treachery, Celeste, with power from Genevieve and Bastianna, condemn Elijah to make a choice: he can only protect Klaus, Rebekah or Hayley from their upcoming attack - he only has enough time to save one. Ultimately he decides to save Hayley and Jackson from the burning fire at the compound, but where have Rebekah and Klaus gone?

While Rebekah was betrayed by a potential werewolf fling (and kidnapped by Genevieve), Klaus tried to use Monique as bait to draw out Bastianna to save Father Kieran. Unfortunately for him, Marcel didn't want another child to die and he tried to stop Klaus from hurting the returning witch. Klaus snaps Marcel's neck and as he turned away, Sophie attacked him with Papa Tunde's blade and offered him to Bastianna as a peace offering. Since Cami wasn't the one to stab Klaus, Bastianna refused to remove the hex and now Kieran is a ticking time-bomb until he snaps.

All Sophie has done this entire season was find a way to bring Monique back. She lost her sister to the cause and when her dearly departed niece returned, Sophie wanted to keep her away from the battle and blood in New Orleans. They almost made it out until Monique revealed that she never wanted to leave, she wants to stay and embrace her witch roots. Monique used her magic to slowly kill Sophie, berating her as a non-believer and someone not worthy to join the witch cause and support the Elders. I was absolutely shocked by this death - Sophie has never been the best of characters but for the writers to actually kill her off, it could be on the same tone as Vicki's death in The Vampire Diaries. Great twist!

Is Sophie's death permanent? What will happen to Klaus and Rebekah? Will Jackson and Hayley spark a new flame? Can Cami save Kieran? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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