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Big Brother 15: Judd Is Evicted Again

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Second chances come and go.

Only a few houseguests in Big Brother history have ever earned a second chance to compete again in the same season after being evicted. It's a chance for redemption and to learn from their mistakes to win the season. Amy (Big Brother 3), Kaysar (Big Brother 6), James (Big Brother 9), Brendon (Big Brother 13) and this evicted player are the only houseguests to earn the power to return. While many of them have crashed and burned, this player successfully tried to clean the slate but fizzled out.

The thirteenth houseguest evicted was Judd Daughtery, the 26 year old property appraiser from Tennessee.

Let's Meet Judd...

Since this is Judd's second eviction, I've already recapped his earlier season performance. After returning to the game in the double jury/Head of Household (HOH) competition, he tried to clear the air and come back with no agenda against any of the houseguests. He played a low-key game and eventually teamed up with Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer to create a new alliance called the Exterminators. While it proved to be successful by surviving three evictions (two weeks), Judd still couldn't shake being bottom of the totem pole in his alliance. On Day 82, he was evicted by a vote of 2-0.

Why Did He Lose?

Returning players in a single season carry a stigma. Most houseguests feel it's unfair for them to receive a second chance to win the game since they were already evicted. Judd did well in shedding the reputation but he couldn't completely shake it. Only Amy from Big Brother 3 was successful in making it farther after returning; she went from third evicted to fourth place. Had it not been for Elissa winning HOH, Judd would be evicted in his returning week. Many still held reservations against him even after two more weeks in the house. 

Being in a four person alliance that had to evict someone within lead to Judd's downfall. McCrae, the initial target, won Power of Veto (POV) and could no longer be evicted. The Exterminators scrambled and Judd didn't have the personal relationships to convince the men to target GinaMarie. A weaker and injured person like GinaMarie looked more favourably than a likeable and returning Judd.

How Could He Stay?

Judd needed to be more focused and make his case. GinaMarie was injured but she's still a competition threat and could earn favour with the female jury. If he had saved Elissa the week prior, GinaMarie would be gone and he'd have the allies to stay. However, since he sided with the Exterminators, he just needed to make a case.

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Last Thoughts...

J-U-Double-D is gone for the last time. His personality shined and he was a fan favourite to say the least. Was he a great Big Brother player? No. He was far from it and did well enough by joining a somewhat powerful floater alliance to not squander his second chance. The Exterminators helped him survive two more weeks, another double eviction and could've lead him to the final four had it not been for McCrae's POV win. Congrats to him and I wouldn't be surprised to see him again in another season. Though, he needs to drop the floater act and actually play a more stronger game.

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  1. The dumb ass houseguests should have gotten rid of Andy the rat but since Spencer and Gina Marie imparticular both have rocks for brains I doubt they even thought of the idea.