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Big Brother 15: Final Three

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A mixed ending to a controversial season.

Floaters are the cursed word of the Big Brother series and this year found three floaters at the end. Whether it was the twist, the mentality or just the houseguests this season, nobody wanted to shake up the game and the house banded together to knock out the bigger threats. In an unsurprising final vote, 26 year old Andy Herren defeated 32 year old GinaMarie Zimmerman by a vote of 7-2. Rounding out the final three was Spencer Clawson.

As is tradition with the last post for Big Brother Canada, I will be critiquing the final three on their season performance and the finale.

Spencer (Third Place)
There's playing the game as a floater and then there's doing nothing - Spencer did nothing all season. He was the ultimate pawn and currently holds the record as the most nominated houseguest in the history of Big Brother. Being nominated isn't an excuse for lack of moves; a player can continue to play the game even when their neck is on the line. In the first third of the season, Spencer "gave up" and instead competed for a jury spot/second place. I'm not going to waste more time on a houseguest that didn't really play.

GinaMarie (Second Place)
GinaMarie had a good shot to win the game. She made some big moves, proved her loyalty and made a few good alliances. Unfortunately, her emotions and heated words destroyed any chance at winning. I don't excuse any of the vile, mean and ignorant comments that she has said all season (along with Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and everyone else involved), but I hope that she grows from this experience and learns acceptance.

Andy (First Place)
There is no one strategy to win Big Brother. It can take any combination of moves, friendships and factors to turn the jury members to their side. Andy won the way of super-floater and the relationships he made with all the friends he betrayed on the jury. I respect him for winning the game but I don't respect his strategy. Andy never made a conscious decision to make a big move or create his own strategy; he literally no backbone or started the conversation himself. He would casually jump from room to room, conversation to conversation, listening in and picking the option he wanted before jumping ship the following week. I hope he enjoys the money because we will never see him on a future season of Big Brother again.

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