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Big Brother 15: Elissa Is Evicted

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So long to the Big Brother MVP.

Would anyone else really get the title? The double eviction claimed another victim and all we could do was watch an hour long train-wreck. While the twists this season were questionable and the houseguests' personal biases were apparent, this evicted houseguest caused a lot of passive-aggressive drama in the nicest way.

The twelfth houseguest evicted was Elissa Slater, the 27 year old nutritionist from North Carolina.

Let's Meet Elissa...

Elissa is the impulsive and soft spoken sister of Big Brother veteran Rachel Reilly. Coming into the game and fooling no one of her sister's identity, Elissa carried a huge target she couldn't shake - she was almost evicted two weeks in a row because of it. Her only power was the Big Brother MVP twist, which was awarded to her for the first three weeks of the season. Pairing up with Helen and Candice early on, Elissa felt safety for the first time all season but as her allies/alliances dwindled and the houseguests' personal feelings boiled over, her future looked bleak. On Day 77, she was evicted by a vote of 3-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Elissa was a victim of reputation. She had power early on, friends in production and clearly had support from Big Brother fans - the other houseguests thought this to be unfair. After surviving the first two weeks, she retreated into the shadows and hoped to deviate the attention to other players. While it worked and she paired up with powerful alliances, no one could forget the reputation and held it against her. The house held consensus to make sure she didn't win the game and when McCrae made the stupid decision of nominating her, there was nothing she could do.

How Could She Stay?

Elissa did something most players didn't do this season: she tried to shake up the game. Keeping Amanda was a smart move on her part as having a bigger target could've kept her around longer. However, Elissa needed to continually play the game and drive a wedge between the floaters. If she reassured McCrae (and not just Amanda) that she was helping them, it could've driven some sense into his head that she was trustworthy. She wouldn't be nominated and someone like Spencer or GinaMarie would be evicted instead.

Photos courtesy of Big Brother Network and Zap2It!
Last Thoughts...

I always hate an eviction when it's driven by personal feelings; similar to Jessie's eviction this year. The houseguests held a distaste for Elissa that went above gameplay. Nothing she did was cruel or mean - it was the actions of the game that rubbed people the wrong way. Winning MVP three weeks in a row, being liked by production, not needing the money and being related to a fan favourite were "big" things that clouded their opinions. It got so bad that they couldn't even stop attacking her after she left, especially mean comments from Andy. Was Elissa a great Big Brother player? No. She didn't really play on her own until she won Power of Veto (POV), but she did try and actually was one of the better players this season.

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