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Big Brother 15: Amanda Is Evicted

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The Exterminators have struck again...

Similar to the first double eviction this season, they're a mixed occasion. While they do cause A LOT of drama, big players and stronger personalities are ALWAYS sent packing. This episode saw, arguably, the most powerful player and the most liked player (by viewers) evicted one after the other. This houseguest falls in the former category.

The eleventh person evicted was Amanda Zuckerman, the 28 year old realtor from Florida.

Let's Meet Amanda...

Amanda is the strong-willed and dominating houseguest who bullied the house into following her plans. In the first week, she struck a showmance with McCrae and both have worked together since in several alliances like 3AM. No target was safe from Amanda and her tactics: Howard, Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen - all fell to alliances that Amanda was in. After finally winning the Power of Veto (POV) in week 9, Amanda dodged a potential blindside but she was soon nominated by Head of Household (HOH) GinaMarie the following week. On Day 77, she was evicted by a tie-breaking vote after a 2-2 split.

Why Did She Lose?

There are a multitude of reasons why Amanda got the boot. She's mean, she bullied everyone, she's strategic, a second half of a showmance, and she held the greatest potential to win the game. Amanda's target could not have been bigger unless she stuck a sticker of a bulls-eye on her forehead. With all those things in mind, she did play a good game but she forgot the biggest problem: Andy. Her alliance member and friend was the biggest backstabber in the game and he was ready to drop her. She thought she could trust him and when the vote came down to a tie, Andy did what he always did - he switched alliances and got rid of a friend. Amanda trusted Andy too much and forgot that he did the exact same thing several times before.

How Could She Stay?

Amanda almost had a shot to stay. She mended fences with Elissa, whom she had been bullying the last few weeks, and thought she had the votes to stay. Andy was the wildcard that betrayed her and Amanda made the first mistake the week prior. She should have evicted Andy instead of Aaryn as Andy joined the Exterminators. He would have been gone, Aaryn would have stayed and would have voted to evict Spencer, her fellow nominee, instead.

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Last Thoughts...

Amanda was controversial to say the least. She ran the house, pushed people to the limits and proved to be a strategic force in a group of floaters. While I don't condone any of her actions, behaviour or any of the mean, vile and ignorant comments she's made, Amanda arguably was one of the better players of Big Brother 15. Will she be back? Definitely. There are only a few players this seasons with All-Stars potential and she's one of them. Though, I just don't know if I could stand her mean behaviour for another season. I guess we'll find out when that moment arrives...

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