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Big Brother 15: Kaitlin Is Evicted

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The losing streak is over... for now.

For a second I thought that the women could do a clean sweep of the men; eliminating them one after the other until they all remained. Except, I completely forgot which alliance remained on the losing end and it was obvious that someone would get the boot next.

The fourth person evicted was Kaitlin Barnaby, the 23 year old bartender from Minnesota.

Let's Meet Kaitlin...

Kaitlin is the reserved and reluctant-to-admit mean girl. In the first few weeks, she sparked a showmance with Jeremy and lost three of her allies one after the other. She was nominated in the third week but successfully won Power of Veto (POV) to take herself off the block - resulting in Jeremy being evicted. Dominating challenges with almost victories, the house plotted her demise and flip-flopped between evicting her or her alliance member Aaryn. On Day 35, she was evicted with a vote of 9-0-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Kaitlin turned out to be a serious challenge competitor. Not holding anything against player-types, but certain houseguests tend to only be on Big Brother for the purpose of becoming famous - it's the Bachelor equivalent of "not here for the right reasons." Kaitlin had never even watched the show until someone approached her to audition. Turns out that she was ready to play the game and she was great at the challenges - too good, in fact. Being strong and also associated with the mean girls of the house, Kaitlin became an easy target for eviction. Her challenge prowess outweighed Aaryn's, and even GinaMarie's, negative and hateful comments.

How Could She Stay?

Kaitlin needed to fight and play the strategic side. I wouldn't classify her as a floater but she did have floater tendencies: she sat around, chatted with her friends and didn't play the game until she had to. Her nomination ally Aaryn knew that she was in trouble and made several big deals to sway the house; Kaitlin didn't and it showed when the votes arrived. Kaitlin should have pushed harder and made deals with the right people to secure Aaryn's demise.

Photos provided by Zap2it! and The Big Brother Network

Last Thoughts...

Kaitlin acted like a mean girl but she wasn't the mean girl. Her surprising challenge capabilities proved to save her for the time being and she might have shown that bartenders/models/actors have a real shot at doing more than competing to be famous. If she had sided with a different side of the house early on, she may still be around - people were generally sad to see her go. Still her lack of strategic and social gameplay proved to hinder her when the time mattered to secure eviction votes. Unanimous votes don't just come by happenstance...

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