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Big Brother 15: Judd Is Evicted

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Now for the downside of the double eviction.

Fun characters and big personalities usually get the axe early-to-mid way through the season. In a season where there are more unlikeable and mean players, it's incredibly sad to see nice and likeable players be sent packing. Keeping this post unbiased but it was shocking to see this person leave so suddenly.

The seventh person evicted was Judd Daugherty, the 26 year old property appraiser from Tennessee.

Let's Meet Judd...

Judd is the wide-eyed Big Brother fan that won over the entire house with his southern charm. While not a strong strategic player, Judd won Head of Household (HOH) in the fourth week and helped ensure Kaitlin was evicted. He solidified himself in several powerful alliances but the paranoia started to dominate the house and Judd was the victim of the faint whispers. During the double eviction night, HOH and Power of Veto (POV) winner Aaryn removed Jessie from the block and replaced her with Judd, stating it as the house decision. On Day 49, he was evicted by a vote of 7-0.

Why Did He Lose?

Judd may have been too likeable. Many in the house liked him and knew that if he found his way in the finals, he would have won the game. The bigger reason that he lost was due to paranoia and mistrust. Being so likeable and an obvious fan-favourite, he was hit with rumours and discussions that potentially he may be the Big Brother MVP - in reality, America had voted the last three weeks. The house, spearheaded by Amanda and Helen, sought an opportunity to remove a looming threat and once Aaryn won HOH yet again, she was strong-armed into nominating her friend.

How Could He Stay?

Judd needed to start joining the discussions. Rumours were running rampant throughout the house and he needed to direct the attention to other players, even though he was innocent. The Big Brother MVP twist had already left a negative mark on both Elissa and Howard; the last victim of the MVP rumours. He should have learned from experience and convinced the others that he wasn't the MVP and that he could be trusted.

Last Thoughts...

Judd's eviction came out of nowhere. I went in fully expecting for someone like Jessie or Spencer to be the second target of the night, but the house clearly had other plans. He was a fun guy that was there for the experience and he loved to play the game. Though, he was backed into a corner with nowhere left to turn when the POV was used. It was an amazing move on the part of the house and Judd was left scrambling with no more options. Luck was not on his side!

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