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Big Brother 15: Jessie Is Evicted

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Slow and predictable week. 

Sad eviction. 

Terrible Head of Household (HOH).

Those are the thoughts I had this entire week watching Big Brother. Gameplay, drama and strategizing make the show exciting and the houseguests definitely took the easy way out. No one really wanted to play the game and if they said they did, they backpedaled to let a weak target go home instead. Waste of a week!

The eighth person evicted was Jessie Kowalski, the 25 year old from Texas.

Let's Meet Jessie...

Jessie is the boy-crazy underdog who tried to shed her floater status and make big game moves. She started off to a bad start by rubbing the house the wrong way with her ego-centric behaviour and ended up nominated in the first week. Surviving eviction pushed her into the background where she floated from alliance-to-alliance, nearly surviving being nominated and evicted several times. Before the double eviction, Jessie tried to stir the house and plot Amanda's eviction but her alliance extinguished the idea. Unfortunately for her, the house turned and she was left on the losing end as the latest target. On Day 56, she was evicted by a vote of 6-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Jessie fell victim to the personal side of Big Brother. She wasn't targeted because of physical wins or strategic game moves; she was simply targeted because certain people either didn't like her or they saw her as an easy eviction. Andy, the week's HOH, decided to nominate easy floaters to spare the blood from his hands but Jessie saw all her "allies" turn their backs on her. An idea she pitched with Helen and Elissa was being thrown back in her face by her friends and there was nothing she could do to save herself.

How Could She Stay?

Now that Jessie was the target, she needed to shift focus to Spencer, the other nominee. Spencer was closer to McCrae and Amanda and if Jessie reiterated the facts to win back Helen, it could have helped. Helen needs numbers to target Amanda and Jessie was a number on her side - Spencer was not. Sometimes consistency is key and burning the words in someone's head can knock some sense into them.

All photos courtesy of the Big Brother Network
Last Thoughts...

Jessie was dealt a bad hand. Nobody wanted to work with her and when she tried to play, it lead to her eviction. I always support houseguests that shed their floater status and try to make big game moves. While she failed to turn the house, I can respect Jessie for trying and turning around her image since the beginning of the show; she surprisingly became one of my favourite and one of the most likeable houseguests this season. The risk of playing the game means that the target gets placed squarely on your back. Sitting around and doing absolutely nothing can only get you so far in the game before it ruins any chances of winning. (Ahem! Take note Andy - I'm watching you...)

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