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Big Brother 15: Howard Is Evicted

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Three members in five weeks. 

The Moving Company might honestly go down as one of the worst alliances in Big Brother history. Nearly everyone associated with this group has either been evicted, plagued with nominations or turned their backs on the others. This latest houseguest is the next casualty from this poorly supported group.

The fifth person evicted is Howard Overby, the 29 year old youth counselor from Mississippi.

Let's Meet Howard...

Howard is the religious and gentle man who internalized his anger from the racist comments. While he never won any challenges, he did prove to have a strong social game; making quick friends with several of the houseguests and a showmance with Candice. Once The Moving Company alliance was uncovered, Amanda and Helen made Howard a huge target - encouraging Head of Household (HOH) Aaryn to place him on the block. On Day 42, he was evicted by a vote of 7-1-0.

Why Did He lose?

Howard made a huge rookie mistake: he was caught in a lie. Helen, who was HOH the week before, learned about The Moving Company alliance from Jeremy and McCrae. When she confronted Howard about any possible lies, giving him a chance to come clean, he omitted the truth and as a result, Helen could no longer trust Howard. The house was pushing for Howard to leave since he was a huge physical threat and could potentially win the game. Aaryn gave the house an opportunity to evict him by placing him on the block and they took the chance. Being too likeable and a physical competitor proved to be two threats the house couldn't keep around.

How Could He Stay?

Tell the truth. It's a simple move and since The Moving Company already turned against each other by evicting Nick in week 2, there was no point to hide the secret any longer. Helen knew and wanted to trust him again - his lie turned more than half the house against him. Howard should have reaffirmed trust with those he hurt and with that Howard had no shot of staying. If that were to have happened, it would have been easier to have the house flip on Candice or Amanda.

Photos courtesy of The Big Brother Network and The Hollywood Reporter
Last Thoughts...

Howard is a likeable guy, possibly one of the most popular houseguests this season. Those with the live feed know that he wasn't nice and sweet all the time; he had his moments with evil and mean comments. Though, he was a nice breath of fresh air when it came to the edited show. A simple move can change the game and Howard should have placed his trust in Helen instead of a fractured alliance he helped to destroy. The Moving Company was a sinking ship and the current pulled him down with it.

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