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Big Brother 15: Helen Is Evicted

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The match was fought well but one queen ultimately fell.

When two strong competitors are fighting for supreme power, it's all about who strikes first. There were plenty of opportunities for both to attack but underestimating the enemy proved to be this evicted player's downfall.

The ninth person evicted was Helen Kim, the 37 year old political consultant from Illinois.

Let's Meet Helen...

Helen is the charismatic and positive houseguest who proved to be one of the strongest strategic competitors this season. In the second week, she was nominated alongside her ally and friend Elissa for eviction. Both of them, along with a majority of the house, successfully campaigned to blindside Nick - the Big Brother MVP nominee - and save both nominees. Helen won the following Head of Household (HOH) competition and ultimately caused Jeremy's eviction. The following weeks saw Helen start to lose her power and by week 8, she had to fight the house vote against Spencer. On Day 63, she was evicted by a vote of 4-1.

Why Did She Lose?

Helen started off the season strong, but she made several poor moves that came back to haunt her. Amanda, her alliance member and the other dominating force, was looking for an opportunity to strike against Helen. When Jessie admitted to everyone that she, Helen and Elissa plotted a potential blindside the week before, Amanda used this ammunition to convince Aaryn to nominate the pair (Jessie was evicted the week prior). Helen, until the final few days of her being in the house, believed that she was safe and could trust her allies - with the exception of Elissa (and GinaMarie, only slightly), they were on Team Amanda now.

How Could She Stay?

Helen had plenty of opportunities to get Amanda out of the house.  If she had not focused her attention on the evictions of Howard, Candice, Judd and Jessie; she would have the numbers to evicted her REAL threat. There was nothing she could do in her eviction week unless push an alliance with Amanda or reiterate that Amanda was the real threat and Spencer was her puppet. Had Helen not wasted the opportunity weeks before, she would still be in the house.

Last Thoughts...

Helen played a great game - she really did! Many of the houseguests trusted her, the fake compliments were gaining her favour, and she was sitting in a perfect position as the head of a powerful alliance. You can never tell what the future holds in the Big Brother house and at the time, evicting certain people might have seemed like the best option. However, letting a known enemy slide several weeks was the catalyst for driving a force against Helen. Next time when America presents the perfect opportunity twice... take the hint!

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