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Big Brother 15: Candice Is Evicted

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It's double eviction week and the drama sure delivered.

These random staples of the Big Brother summer normally divides into two fashions: the familiar floaters/easy targets get evicted one after the other OR the power flips and a threat from both sides of the house are sent packing. This time there was a little bit of both where an easy target left but the house banded together to later evict a potential winner. The first houseguest evicted had been the easier target.

The sixth person evicted was Candice Stewart, the 29 year old pediatric speech therapist from Texas.

Let's Meet Candice...

Candice is the outspoken houseguest who felt the brunt of the racist and derogatory comments all summer. She sparked a short-lived showmance with Howard and developed close friendships with Elissa and Helen. When the house flipped against Howard and Spencer, Candice pulled away from the powerful side to protect her showmance but the move proved to be her downfall. The house saw her as an enemy and following the week after Howard was evicted, Head of Household (HOH) GinaMarie nominated Candice for eviction. On Day 49, she was evicted by a vote of 7-0-0.

Why Did She Lose?

Candice was fighting an uphill battle; she technically wasn't a floater and she choose the wrong side in power to support. The Howard/Spencer pair was a sinking ship and she didn't want to see her showmance get evicted - this resulted in her getting nominated the week before to ensure she didn't campaign. Candice's negative attitude toward Howard's impending eviction and the constant animosity she received from the mean girls' side didn't help in making a case to keep her around. She's a weak player and the mean girls couldn't wait to have the excuse to evict her. Albeit for more personal than gameplay reasons...

How Could She Stay?

Candice's looming eviction resulted in a decision she made a week prior. Obviously her confrontations with Aaryn and GinaMarie didn't help but it was her support for Howard that did her in. Amanda wanted Howard out, several other houseguests wanted him out too and Candice was left to campaign but it left others with a sour taste. She should have relaxed, looked at the situation from afar and casually plotted with strategic players to determine the landscape. If she had examined the field, she would have determined that Howard couldn't be saved and her campaigning, while commendable, wouldn't have ruined her game.

Last Thoughts...

Candice had a rough summer. She dealt with a lot of mean, evil and hurtful comments that no one should ever have to experience in this modern day. I liked her because she's smart (she picked up on The Moving Company first), she told it like it was and she stood her ground against her enemies. Candice didn't have a chance of winning but she did play the game which always earns favour. At least with her on the jury now, there will be a lot more sparks between the evicted players and shocking segments to see during the eviction episodes. Think about it: potentially Candice, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer and Amanda all the in the same jury house together? Sign me up for that show!

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