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Big Brother 15: Nick Is Evicted

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Anyone else loving the blindsides? (And my change of starting pictures - love them!)

So far Big Brother 15 has been a pretty good season. With the exception of the mean and racist comments being said, this season featured players that were ready to compete and scramble with the eviction votes. It took one day to flip the entire house and send this recent houseguest packing. As a Big Brother fan, this scenario was unreal and amazing to watch develop.

The second person evicted was Nick Uhas, the 28 year old entrepreneur from New York.

Let's Meet Nick...

Nick is the outgoing and enigmatic leader of the secret all-male alliance, The Moving Company. He not only proved to be a strong strategic thinker but had good social skills with his friendships and his showmance with GinaMarie. While he survived (and arguably helped control) the first week of the game, the target suddenly grew on his back when Elissa, the Big Brother MVP and a nominee, nominated Nick after Jeremy won the Power of Veto (POV). On Day 21, he was evicted by a vote of 7-4-0.

Why Did He Lose?

Nick had a huge target on his back; he's a physical threat and many thought he was untrustworthy. In the early days of The Moving Company, life was looking good for Nick but he made a stupid decision and forgot a vital lesson to always agree. Elissa made him an offer of two week safety if he promised not to use the veto on Jeremy, Elissa's BBMVP nomination. He hesitated but reluctantly agreed with no intention of keeping the deal. Once she asked him if he could have his vote for safety, he couldn't confirm or deny - giving Elissa the push she needed to nominate him and listen to the house, who had thrown Nick's name around. Had she gone the other path and nominated Kaitlyn, Nick would still be in the game.

Another problem Nick had was friendships; he made alliances and connections with the wrong people. While The Moving Company looked good on paper, a big alliance of five guys drew too much attention from the girls and the other boys. Nick was connected to GinaMarie, his buddy showmance, who he was also friends with Aaryn and Jeremy, the two most hated houseguests. Simply being a threat wasn't enough, he was friends with people that nobody could stand and this gave the house an opportunity to scramble and save two outsiders instead.

How Could He Stay?

Nick is once again the victim of the twist. In a normal Big Brother week, he wouldn't have been nominated and either Elissa or Helen would have gone home. His best course of action would have simply to agree with Elissa and position a strong attack on Kaitlyn. Even if he backed on his word, his support could have lead Elissa to nominate Kaitlyn instead. Also, Nick should have campaigned more. Nothing is secure in the Big Brother house and he was downright shocked when he found out he was evicted. He wasn't as safe as he assumed.

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Last Thoughts...

I will genuinely miss Nick. There are a few houseguests this season I detest and a few that I liked and Nick was one of them - in fact all three nominees were favourites of mine. He was there to play the game and he enjoyed competing, strategizing and backstabbing his houseguests for the grand prize. I'm always sad to see a non-floater go, but he made a few bad errors and got trapped in a situation where the rest of the house performed one of the most BRILLIANT blindsides in Big Brother history. Thank you, Nick - it was amazing to watch as a fan!

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