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Big Brother 15: Jeremy Is Evicted

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The boy's are falling one after the other.

This may be the first season ever where the men are being evicted earlier compared to the women of the house. First David, Nick and now this third houseguest, could my prediction of a male winner be wrong? Probably. I was wrong about Big Brother Canada - only technically.

The third person evicted was Jeremy McGuire, the 23 year old boat shop associate from Texas.

Let's Meet Jeremy...

Jeremy is the strong-willed and bossy ex-member of The Moving Company alliance. He rubbed people the wrong with his bullying attitude, made several chauvinistic comments and sparked a romance with Kaitlyn. Starting off strong with several alliances, the house turned against Jeremy once The Moving Company had been exposed and the Blondetourage alliance fell out of power. He survived the second week by winning the Power of Veto (POV) but he was blindsided when Head of Household (HOH) Helen made him the replacement nominee in the third week. On Day 28, he was evicted by a vote of 9-1-0.

Why Did He Lose?

It's no surprise but Jeremy was a threat. He's strong, won challenges and started off the game in a pretty comfortable position. However, his downfall was his attitude toward several of the other houseguests. Big Brother is not only a competition but a social game and his earlier moves were terrible. He would degrade people, personally attack and downright bully others into following his plan above all else. He admittedly tried to turn it around in the final week, even winning over a few friends for outside of the game but the pull of evicting a serious threat was just too tempting to pass up.

How Could He Stay?

Jeremy was possibly the biggest physical threat but he wasn't the personal threat. Many hated his alliance member Aaryn and if he tried to flip sides against her, it could have helped him out. He should have changed his attitude and tried to work with Helen to secure his safety. However, looking at the situation from a distance, there was nothing Jeremy could have done. The damage was already done and he couldn't backpedal to change his reputation.

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Last Thoughts...

If there was someone who's game crumbled the farthest, it would be Jeremy. He stood in a perfect position with a showmance, a secret dominating alliance, an obvious alliance and physical capabilities - he could have at least made jury in a normal season. Social game is more important than people realize and his attitude ruined any chances that he had to make it far. The "weaker" players banded together and successfully pulled off the third blindside of the season. Jeremy was unable to do anything at that point.

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