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Big Brother 15: David Is Evicted

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A house split and one houseguest already sent out the front door.

The game is well into the second week of the season and the house is clearly divided between certain players. With all the controversy going on with the racist, bigoted and homophobic comments being spewed, let's not forget that this is still a competition and people will be evicted each week.

The first person evicted from the game is David Girton, the 25 year old lifeguard from California.

Let's Meet David...

David is the relaxed and carefree surfer who joined Big Brother 15 with the sole purpose of finding a showmance. The relationship call was answered when he started hooking up with Aaryn, the mean-spirited and vile houseguest who has said the majority of the racist and homophobic comments this summer so far. Surviving the early nomination phase, David and his allies felt safe until Elissa, the Big Brother MVP, secretly nominated him as her choice for eviction. On Day 13, he was evicted by a vote of 7-5-0.

Why Did He Lose?

The first week rarely sees the house split - it's usually a unanimous decision for evicting an annoyance or a floater. Secret alliances and his association with Aaryn were David's downfall as the potential future threat proved to be too dangerous to keep around. The Moving Company, a secret alliance of five houseguests and their allies, decided that evicting David instead of Elissa would be more beneficial for future challenges. David's a pretty physical guy and given the right motivation, he could have won more power later down the season. Elissa, on the other hand, had fan power and more odds of winning the BBMVP - the Moving Company thought keeping her might help them use the power as well. Plus, sparking a showmance with one of the most despised houseguests didn't help David either!

How Could He Stay?

The twist ruined David's chance; having the chance at evicting a strong threat early on proved too tempting. David needed to win the Power of Veto (POV) or... more shockingly... actually play the game. He didn't do anything except sit at the pool, hangout with friends and spend time with Aaryn. He needed to strategize more and not look at this as a dating show - this is a game. While the other players scrambled and flip-flopped, David sat back thinking that the house was going to stick to their word and evict Elissa. Turns out he was wrong...

Photos courtesy of the Big Brother Network

Last Thoughts...

From the few moments David was in the game, he didn't impress me. He didn't actively compete, he didn't even strategize and his "character" proved to be only a gimmick - it was just too much. I would compare David to Brayden from Big Brother 11, but at least Brayden tried to stay before being evicted week one. Big Brother may be a summer show and the network loves young/physical bodies but selecting characters that don't really want to play only wastes a player spot from someone more deserving and ultimately my time.

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