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'Big Brother 15' Starts Today

By  Justin Carreiro     9:00 AM    Labels:,,,, 

A year of waiting and the new season starts today!

Sixteen new houseguests have been chosen to enter the game for the longest summer yet: 100 days. With the new Big Brother MVP twist, only time will tell which players will resort to floater status and which will actually play the game.

I tend to not do a first impressions post critiquing the players as my opinions usually change. You never really know the players until they step inside the Big Brother house. Instead, here are the names of the 16 houseguests and let me know what your thought of the players. 

Aaryn Gries, 22, College Student

Amanda Zuckerman, 28, Real estate agent  

Andy Herren, 26, Professor  

Candice Stewart, 29, Pediatric speech therapist  

David Girton, 25, Lifeguard

Elissa Slater, 27, Nutritionist  

GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32, Pageant Coordinator  

Helen Kim, 37, Political consultant  

Howard Overby, 29, Youth counselor  

Jeremy McGuire, 23, Boat shop associate  

Jessie Kowalski, 25, Unemployed  

Judd Daughtery, 26, Property appraiser  

Kaitlin Barnaby, 23, Bartender  

McCrae Olson, 23, Pizza delivery boy  

Nick Uhas, 28, Entrepreneur  

Spencer Clawson, 31, Railroad conductor

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