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Featured Designer: Phillip and David Blond

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The Blonds: Phillip (Left) and David (Right) Blond

The designer(s) that I want to feature this weeks are the dazzling duo from The Blonds: David and Philip Blond.

The Blonds have become synonymous with theatrical and mezmorizing outfits. Their designs have captivated the celeb scene and have really changed the boundaries when it came to thinking outside the box. I don't think there has been a duo that has stood out to create a modern Hollywood-meets-couture fashion line. Their price point is high-end and daring; I would love to know which clientele they cater to.

Since The Blonds are a female-oriented brand, I've only seen what they developed for such celebs such as Lady Gaga and Fergie. I would love to check out the runway for one of their next shows to see what they had to offer and the next incarnation of their designs. If you want to see some of their designs and what the design duo are currently carrying up their sleeve, click the following link to visit their website:

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