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Love...Or Something Like That

By  Justin Carreiro     5:57 PM    Labels:,, 
Let's be real with ourselves for a couple of minutes. Valentine's Day isn't the greatest day that all the hype has made it out to be; if you're not in a relationship then it really means nothing to you except the excessive PDA. No, I am not one of those bitter people who dislikes the day because I'm not with someone, it's just not one of my favourite holidays. I accept all the flack I get from friends, especially when I mention the other holidays that I'm not fond of.

Wait...hold it, I have to go back to the PDA (Public Displays of Affection) because you know we need to talk about that. This is not just a Valentine's thing but an overt thing I've seen in this city. I'm a romantic person who is very happy when I see couples and people express their love to each other, but people, that doesn't mean you have to brutally attack that person with your front of me. I've seen it all the time, one instance I was coming home from a night out with friends and I took the TTC home this time (it was near one in the morning late so I have to rethink that next time) and this couple on the bus were practically devouring each other. It was like he trying to swallow her face on the bus; I couldn't stop laughing and went back to my music. People don't really like to see it but you know what, we stay out of each others business and if you want to make out then go right ahead. All power to you people for your PDA and if you got it then flaunt it but please promise me that you will come up for air between make out sessions.

Back to the day in question for all you lonely hearts out there, don't get stressed that you don't have someone. Why must one day confine you; couples break up all the time because they never have the passion that they once had and people contribute just waiting for Valentine's Day to make up all their lost time. Pick a day to just spontaneously surprise your lover with a night out, a special home-cooked dinner, or even spending quality time together. A day doesn't have to define your relationship; however, if you miss your one-month, three-month, six-month, and one-year anniversary then there are chances that you may not survive the relationship. For single people right now, do something for yourself on V day and have fun. Don't lay around feeling crabby or shabby because, chances are, you're not the only single person in the city. Anything can happen and being in the dumps will really make you feel like shit. Go out there and you may just find that special someone; for next Valentine's Day or not.

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