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No More High Expectations

By  Justin Carreiro     11:33 AM    Labels:,,,,, 
This is the true root of everything that can make a person sad. 

Whenever we daydream and imagine a positive outlook for something unattainable, we let our minds wander at the possibility of what could happen to only have it not turn out the way you want.

I'm so tired of having this outlandish perception of how things could have happened because they never turn out how you want them to be. The whole waiting till it actually happens never works either. I for one have had thoughts that better things are always on the horizon when you go through moments of difficulty and sometimes things do turn out better than I have expected but other times, it left me wondering why it couldn't have turned out some ways.

In a previous blog entry, I wrote about my dreams and goals about what I was aspiring for the future. Right now I can honestly say that those goals are going to be a little deterred at the moment.

My Own Place?
Lets just hope that I can actually save and earn enough money, let alone having the guts to tell my parents that I want to move out.

That is not happening any time soon even though I'm out there and trying to find the one (if I still even believe that Disney-mantra anymore).

My only advice to myself and others is not to sit around anymore and expect things to happen. Take a chance and go for it because nobody is going to ride on a horse and present you with the dream objective. When you sit around and do nothing, it will only leave you contemplating why things aren't happening; it's because you're not making it happen. Maybe it's time to re-shape some things in life and determine what needs to happen next because things take effort and appreciating what you have can matter more than high expectations.

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